You Were Here

Feature-length experimental documentary

In 2005 musician Oliver Ackermann signed the lease on an industrial space he found on Craigslist. He and his friends transformed it into a recording studio, pedal factory and living quarters. In 2007, they began hosting live music shows. It became one of the most beloved underground music venues in Brooklyn, Death By Audio.

Inspired by films like Sympathy for the Devil and Last Days, we created an in-the-moment
document of one year (2007-08) of live music and life at Death By Audio. Rejecting the usual formula of talking head testimonials and after-the-fact voice overs, we created a film using only footage shot in real time, This film brings the viewer into that year, to feel just what it was like to be there, in that place at that time.

Direction, editing, production John and Takako Tymkw
Sound Rod Sherwood and Dan Timmons